SMS Survey

Your customers are everything for your business. Therefore you are spending a lot of time and money, effort and development, so that you can make sure your products and services are at the expected level. Implementing a successful product or service takes so much effort that you can't afford not to follow up the customer's opinion about it. For this reason you engage in the usual focus groups, probably a mystery shopper, on spot customer satisfaction form...but all of them work either on demand or at the time of the "sale".

MobileMedia introduces a solution that works simply, through the mobile phone, where the customer can rate the satisfaction of your products or services at his own pace, on his own time and place and without the psychological pressure of a human interaction at the time of the survey. You will be surprised of the volume of feedback and the immediacy of it! We believe that this is the most unique way to monitor your business and keep your customer base happy and growing.