Outbound SMS campaigns

For sure you have noticed it in your environment either business or friends & family: when the SMS tone sounds on a phone everyone is looking for their mobile to check it! It is calculated from several resources that 95 to 98% of the text messages delivered to a mobile phone are opened (and read) while almost 90% are opened within a very small time spread (estimations say between 10 to 15 mins). It is not a surprise that this powerful tool is used so often for communicating anything you have to say to your customers.

An outbound SMS campaign is the simplest way of embracing the text messaging path of communicating with your customers. Whether this is a simple announcement of an offer, a notification of an interaction with your services, a reminder for an activity related to your brand or just for entertaining purposes, we can offer you the most effective combination of cost, analytics and real time support you can ever get. Now, there are no more excuses of not getting into the new era of communication with your customers!